About Us

We believe in the unique power of music to form life-changing relationships, and are committed to a high quality of care that is adaptable, evidence-based, and built with respect through collaboration.

Our team is proud to serve clients across Southern Ontario – through strong community partnerships and relationships with clients and their families. Our mission is to provide access to evidence-based music therapy services to clients across the age and abilities spectrum. Our vision is for an Accredited Music Therapist to be part of every healthcare team.

Who We Are

Mary Parkinson

MA, MTA, founding director at WMTS

Mary manages all areas of the company, and loves developing new programs, advocating for the profession, and problem solving with team members to ensure the best possible Music Therapy & Community Music programs and services for our clients. Mary’s current clinical work focuses on Older Adults Living in Long-Term Care settings, and early intervention / early childhood music education. Her passion for the field stems from a strong belief that music is innately healthy, and her dream is that a music therapist is part of every health care team and community support team.

Kathleen Skinner


Kathleen utilizes a holistic and strengths-based approach in her work, to connect with individuals and promote psychological well-being using music. Kathleen facilitates music therapy & music and wellness groups, and provides high quality music lessons in Guelph and Rockwood.

Jisca Rodriguez


Jisca works across the age and abilities spectrum in Long Term Care, Day Programs, and individualized sessions in Guelph, Fergus and Rockwood. Jisca uses music therapy interventions skillfully to reach out to participants marginalized by issues like difference, isolation, and mental health, and forms lasting and meaningful relationships with her clients.

Annilee Baron

B.A (Hons.), MTA, NMT

Annilee provides services for people living with Dementia living in Long Term Care and Assisted Living in Hamilton, Ontario, Annilee uses a client-centred approach to empower others to reach their full potential and connect more deeply to themselves and others through music.

Natalie Reis

B.A (Hons.), MTA

Natalie provides services for people living with Dementia living in Long Term Care, Day Programs, and in their homes. Natalie also works with persons who have Acquired Brain Injury, and children and teenagers who have developmental disabilities, and facilitates our Sing it Girls program. Natalie has an incredible power to reach people through music, and forms long lasting therapeutic relationships with her clients and her families.

Mairead Harrigan


Mairead provides services in Long Term Care as well as individual and small group sessions supporting mental health and adolescents with developmental and cognitive delays. Mairead works in a person-centered and resource-oriented approach, and also teaches music to children using adaptive techniques to meet each individual’s unique goals.

Samantha Degroot

Music Student & Aspiring Music Therapist

Samantha is our behind the scene creative assistant. She writes blog posts, creates materials, and helps to mange social media. She is currently studying music therapy at Wilfrid Laurier University. Sam loves meeting new people and sharing the gift of music with them, and has been blessed to see first hand the power of what music can do so. She’s excited to have joined a fantastic team of people in their goal to bring healing, community, and joy to the people they interact with!