About Us

We believe in the unique power of music to form life-changing relationships, and are committed to a high quality of care that is adaptable, evidence-based, and built with respect through collaboration.

Our team is committed in striving towards community empowerment, and uplifting minoritized voices. Our team believes in the fair and ethical treatment of all people. We believe that client’s voices should be at the forefront of change, and that therapists should be strong allies.

Our team is proud to serve clients across Southern Ontario – through strong community partnerships and relationships with clients and their families. Our mission is to provide access to music therapy services to every person who wants them. Our vision is for collaboration in Canadian health care that includes creative arts therapies.

Who We Are

Mary Meads, She/Her

Clinical Director, Certified Music Therapist & Registered Psychotherapist RP, MA, MTA, NMT,

Mary (she/her) started this company in 2015, with hopes of extending the powerful reaches of Music Therapy deep into Guelph and the surrounding areas. She loves connecting with community partners and families, developing new programs, advocating for the profession, and problem solving with team members to ensure the best possible Music Therapy & Community Music programs and services for our clients. Mary’s current clinical work focuses on Older Adults Living in Long-Term Care settings, and early intervention / early childhood music education. Her passion for the field stems from a strong personal connection to music and mental health, and a vision to allow access to high quality music therapy for all those who want it.

Trina Chakrabarti, She/Her

Certified Music Therapist & Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying) , Anti-Oppressive Practice Consultant, & Community Connections Coordinator RP (Qualifying), MA, MTA, MT-BC

Trina Chakrabarti completed her Bachelors (BA) in Psychology at Laurier University, followed by her Graduate Diploma and Masters in Music Therapy at Concordia University. During her Masters, she specialized in child psychiatric care, and wrote her thesis on songwriting within adolescent mental health settings. She works with a variety of age groups with a focus that includes but is not limited to neurodiversity affirming care, mental health support, addiction, disability justice, queer theory, and anti-racism. Trina is passionate about providing services from a strength-based person centered approach, and strives towards anti-oppressive practice work, while uplifting minoritized voices. Trina also teaches Beginner to Advanced Voice Lessons, and Beginner to Intermediate Ukulele, Guitar, and Piano Lessons. In addition to English, Trina can accommodate services in Bengali, with moderate fluency.

Mairead Harrigan, She/Her

Senior Certified Music Therapist BMT, MTA

Mairead provides services in Long Term Care as well as individual and small group sessions supporting mental health and adolescents with developmental and cognitive disabilities. Mairead works in a person-centered and resource-oriented approach, and also teaches music to children using adaptive techniques to meet each individual’s unique goals. Mairead is a Ukulele enthusiast and facilitates all our ukulele programs.

Jennifer Lin, They/She

Certified Music Therapist, MTA, MT-BC, GrDip Music Therapy, BMus

Jennifer earned their Graduate Diploma in Music Therapy from Concordia University and an Honours Bachelor of Music from McMaster University with a specialization in Music Cognition. They are currently in the process of completing their Masters in Creative Arts Therapies (Music Therapy) at Concordia University. Jennifer has worked with clients of all ages, children to older adults, with various needs. Their main interests include working with children, (Q)BIPOC, and disabled communities. Jennifer’s personal approaches to music therapy are based in humanistic, culture-centered, community, and queer music therapy principles. They not only provide a nurturing and warm environment but also advocate for the use of music therapy in marginalized communities and amplifying minority voices. In addition to English, Jen can accommodate services in other languages including 3 dialects of Chinese (Hakka – native fluency, Cantonese – professional fluency, and Mandarin – limited working fluency), as well as the use of elementary ASL in tandem with English.

Stephanie Maxwell, She/ Her

Senior Certified Music Therapist MA, BMT, MTA

Stephanie is passionate about providing music therapy services to promote wellbeing, to meet musical and non-musical goals and to facilitate connection. She provides music therapy services to those living in Long Term Care, Group Homes, and provides in-person and online and music lessons to people of all ages.

Molly Rastin, She/They

Certified Music Therapist, MA, MTA

Molly Rastin is a justice-oriented music therapist currently providing services for LGBTQIA+ youth in Southern Ontario. She draws from a rich and eclectic music therapy education, with a core focus in humanistic and person-centered music therapy. Molly is passionate about developing anti-racist, anti-ableist practice in music therapy and challenging systems that contribute to oppression within our society.

Yejin Sarah Oh, She/Her

Certified Music Therapist, Anti Oppressive Practice Consultant, MMT, MTA

Yejin Sarah is an accredited music therapist and graduate of Wilfrid Laurier University’s Masters of Music Therapy program. She is passionate about advocacy, praxis and anti-oppressive values, which she considers to be pillars of her clinical work. Drawing from both traditional music therapy models and psychotherapy techniques, Yejin Sarah has experience collaborating with clients in palliative care, long-term care, paediatric medicine, oncology, and mental health settings. In addition to English, Sarah can provide services in Korean with moderate fluency.

Christine Naguib, She, Her

Certified Music Therapist, MA, MTA, MT-BC

Christine Naguib, MTA, MT-BC, MA obtained her Bachelor of Music Therapy at Wilfrid Laurier University in 2017 and completed her Master of Arts in Creative Arts Therapy at Concordia University in Montreal in 2018. During her Masters, Christine worked with children at risk, and took an Introduction to Play Therapy training. As an certified music therapist, Christine has worked with older adults, children, and adolescents in Canada and in the USA. Along with practicing music therapy, Christine also teaches children piano online and in person. In addition to English, Christine can accommodate services with elementary level French, and some understanding and speaking in Arabic.

Victoria Chan, She/ Her

Certified Music Therapist, BMT, MTA, NMT

Victoria is a recent graduate of Wilfrid Laurier University’s Bachelor of Music Therapy program, accompanied by a Minor in Psychology. As of 2023, she is a Certified Music Therapist (MTA) and Neurologic Music Therapist (NMT). She aims to create a welcoming and encouraging environment for all clients to explore the wonders of music while working towards their goals. Throughout her career, she has practiced with a client-centred focus, carefully adapting to the diverse needs of her clients. In a clinical setting, Victoria has experience working both virtually and in-person with a wide range of clients from infants to older adults in educational, rehabilitative, and mental health settings.

Valerie Sheese, She/ Her

Registered Psychotherapist, Certified Music Therapist, RP, MTA, MMT

Valerie has been interested in music therapy ever since she first heard of it, way back in the mid-1990s! She graduated from the Master of Music Therapy program at Wilfrid Laurier University in 2011, and is an accredited Music Therapist, and a Registered Psychotherapist, having joined the College of Registered Psychotherapists in 2017. Valerie has worked with people of a wide variety of ages and abilities over the years. She has a warm and supportive approach, and incorporates elements of various evidence-based methods into her work. Valerie is passionate about finding ways to grow from life’s challenges, and developing therapeutic relationships where clients feel safe and heard.

Hailey Davis, She/They

Certified Music Therapist BMT, MTA

Hailey completed my Bachelor’s of Music Therapy (BMT) from Acadia University in 2021 and completed her internship with Connecting in Rhythm in March 2022. She is a classically trained flutist, and also plays guitar, hand drums, ukulele & piano. Hailey is a disability activist, advocating for disability preferred language and neurodivergent affirming practices within music therapy and our greater community. She has experience working with the Deafblind Community, the disabled community, developmental delays, Autistic people and children. Hailey’s goal is to meet clients where they are and then work together to accomplish their goals.

Chelsea-Anne Woolridge, She/Her

Certified Music Therapist

Chelsea-Anne Woolridge is a dedicated and compassionate Certified Music Therapist (MTA) with a Bachelor of Music Therapy from Acadia University and will be graduating with her Master of Music Therapy from Wilfrid Laurier University in the Fall. With a strong foundation in music therapy and an eagerness to continuously learn, Chelsea-Anne is committed to enhancing the lives of her clients through therapeutic music experiences. Chelsea-Anne’s passion for the profound impact of music on individuals’ lives is evident in her approach to therapy. She believes in building strong therapeutic relationships through music and tailoring interventions to meet clients’ unique goals. Her dedication to ongoing professional growth is demonstrated by her completion of Music Psychotherapy training during her Master’s program and her pursuit of qualification as a Registered Psychotherapist with the CRPO. As a researcher, Chelsea-Anne’s Master’s work delved into music therapy interventions targeting speech goals in individuals with Apraxia of Speech (AOS). Her commitment to the field extends to her involvement as the Newfoundland Provincial Representative on the Atlantic Association for Music Therapy. With a focus on trauma-informed and anti-oppressive practice, Chelsea-Anne aims to creates an environment where clients can explore their personal growth through the use of music therapy.

Natalie Bartley, She/Her

Music Therapist in Progress

Natalie has completed her bachelor’s in music therapy at Wilfrid Laurier University after completing her 1000 hr internship with Wellington Music therapy services as an intern. Natalie spent her internship supporting Long term care and Retirement homes in the Guelph and Hamilton area, as well as autistic children/adults (Music and ME) and educational programs to support mental health (Sing it Girls and YOUkulele) at the WMTS Clinic. As a Music Therapist, Natalie’s core values are authenticity and autonomy, to empower individuals to act in accordance with their personal goals. Passionate about music as a cellist and singer, Natalie aims to foster a dignified and mindful environment for success and musical expression.

Danielle Nichols, She/Her

Certified Music Therapist, BMT, MTA

Danielle Nicholls is a certified music therapist in good standing with the Canadian Association of Music Therapists. She completed her Bachelor of Music Therapy from Wilfrid Laurier University in 2016, where she studied voice. She graduated with Honours-with Distinction, and a minor in Psychology. After graduation, she completed her internship in the Hamilton/Burlington area, focusing on music therapy in palliative/hospice care, and long-term care settings. Since then, Danielle has continued working with seniors and adults in mental health and dementia care. Using a client-centered and music-centered approach, Danielle incorporates her vocal training and guitar skills to focus on clients’ abilities and meet them in the moment. She is passionate about using music to help people connect with others and themselves.

Anna Versluis

Creative Content & Virtual Music Therapy Volunteer

Anna is a Music Therapy student at Wilfred Laurier University and she is passionate about inclusion and diversity within the arts and has experience teaching music and dance to children. Anna hopes to one day pursue a career in music therapy and is very excited for this volunteer opportunity.


Music Therapy Volunteer

“Bianca is a very kind person, who loves animals and the outdoors. Music is my passion and helping people is my mission. Music therapy is an amazing way to achieve these goals. She is excited to be able to support the clients in our clinic in Guelph”