In a Time of Isolation, Learn the Benefits of Virtual Music Therapy

Music therapy is the use of music by professionals to achieve therapeutic goals in a clinical setting.  Music therapy benefits a wide variety of client populations, including alleviating pain for those living with Cancer or Chronic Pain, improving social skills for children diagnosed with unique learning needs, and assisting in the managing of symptoms for individuals struggling with mood or anxiety disorders.

However, in recent months, many otherwise healthy people have been turning to music therapy to help cope with the worries and uncertainties brought about by the coronavirus pandemic.  Here are some ways that online music therapy can help.

  • Learning or improving musical skills can improve self-esteem and confidence
  • Often, music can speak when words are not enough.  Active music making and improvisation are excellent avenues for self-expression.  Song-writing is also a well-researched method for expression
  • Music therapists are clinically trained professionals that can help you use music as a tool to process and cope with your current situation, as well as provide counselling to help navigate life transitions
  • Constant rhythmic patterns and exercises can provide grounding and stability.
  • Guided music listening for relaxation can reduce anxiety and stress!  Music making is also a positive way to de-stress
  • Musical interactions can support social connection.  Music is everywhere!  It is a shared experience that can bring people together.
  • A therapeutic relationship provides stability.  Whether it be starting a new relationship or continuing a pre-existing one, your music therapist will support you through these trying times.

Importantly, our services are online, making them accessible to those in remote locations.  You can access the support you need from anywhere, at a time that is convenient for you.

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