Wellington Music Therapy Services is excited to introduce a new online music therapy support group for LGBTQIA+ youth. Our aim is to provide a virtual space for LGBTQIA+ youth in the Guelph region to express emotions, counter isolation, and find comfort and confidence in their identities. Led by a board-certified music therapist (MT-BC) Molly from the LGBTQIA+ community, group members can create and experience music together within a program that emphasizes compassion, community, and exploration.

We are pleased to offer this program partially subsided, due to generous community donations from Wilfrid Laurier University’s Music Therapy Student Association and Cambridge Hyundai.

Music therapy is the deliberate and evidence-based use of music by a qualified therapist to support positive change. Depending on the needs of our community, the overarching goals of the online music therapy support group are:

  • To provide a safer space wherein LGBTQIA+ youth can express themselves emotionally and explore their identities
  • To improve self-esteem among LGBTQIA+ youth, where “self-esteem” is defined by one’s feelings and opinions of the self
  • To establish healthy coping mechanisms among LGBTQIA+ youth
  • To increase sense of community and support among LGBTQIA+ youth and decrease isolation among LGBTQIA+ youth, especially under global pandemic
    • Who is this program for? LGBTQIA+ youth aged 12 -15 (space is limited with a maximum of 8 participants)
    • We are currently not offering this program

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